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Best eaten with friends, but hide some for yourself, they won’t last long!

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Our business was born in 1999 at about the stroke of midnight when three of us were sitting and asking the questions about how to create a restaurant/café without money!

WE have no idea which one of us said the words but ... the first wagon was parked in the drive within 3 weeks. I bought it with a late insurance payout following an accident ... it had been an old snack wagon in a layby in Leicester and I soon discovered that I couldn't reverse in on a runway.  Practice made perfect.  I was committed to selling delicious and nutritious food in the fast food context which EVERYONE could eat and which didn't kill the planet.  Game on......

Then began a long journey of mistakes, successes, alterations, research and development in the field.... There are a lot of stories to tell and if anyone had told me what it would take to set up the business... I would not have done it.  Thank goodness noone did. Some of you will remember us from our early pitches 15 years ago .... Others supported me at the first-class Wye farmers market or the Ashford Farmers Market which sadly closed after a short life.

The Farmers Markets were a god-send .... and Lewes was one of the first ones (alongside Wye and Tunbridge Wells which we no longer attend). At these venues we were getting customers who really appreciated the product and that gave us the confidence to keep going and make the business what it is now... all firmly rooted in their community, buying local organic vegetables and looking after Mother Bhumi while having fun. That's what WhamBam stands for.

We now have a well-established, well supported and respected business - something to be proud of.  Our motivation is always to see the joy with which people eat our food. 

Thank you for making our business what it is today.

We attend a wide range of events, festivals, parties both private and public so please contact us for any questions you might have.