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Best eaten with friends, but hide some for yourself, they won’t last long!

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What the hell are they?

They are vegetables which are steamed inside a crispy seasoned batter and they are delicious.

Do they have egg in them?

Not even a sniff.

I am ceoliac, can I eat them?

Yes, the flour is made for us and has NO wheat or gluten.

When you say 'everyone can eat them', I am a vegan, do you mean me?

Yes we do.

Do I have to have the brocolli ones?

No, we wont make you eat vegetables you don't like, just tell us.

Where are the chicken ones?

Not here! We don't cook animals.

Are there mushrooms in them?

No, nor peppers.

Can I just have onion bhajias?

Yes you can!

Are they REALLY hot?

Only in temperature, we add enough fresh chillis to bring up the flavour of our freshly ground spices but kids love them and we aim to keep it that way. You can make them hot with a chilli pickle.

How do I reheat them?

Put them on a baking tray and heat up at 120C for ten minutes. They taste best when warm rather than hot... don't try and get them as hot as they are when just cooked and DO NOT RE-FRY.

Do they freeze?

Perfectly, you wouldn't know it.  Freeze on day of purchase which is when they were cooked.

How long do they keep?

Usually about 5 minutes but if you are really strong willed they will keep for 5 days in a fridge.

Will you give me the recipe?

Absolutely not!

How come they don't fall apart if theres no egg?

Will power.

Can we buy the mix?

Not at the moment. We MAY sell it in the future.

Can I try one?

No, we very rarely do tasters. Sorry

Can I take you home?


Can we take them home to eat later?

Most people say they are best when bought fresh off the wagon and eaten straight away .. but i love cold/warm Wham Bam bhajias and pakoras - still better than any others around - with the added benefit of being able to (and proud to) say you made them yourself. We wont say anything honestly! So, you can buy our selection bag or our bhajia bag, keep them in the fridge for up to 5 days... or two months in the freezer. You can then either heat them up or eat them cold.

Do you take Lewes pounds

YES WE DO! We love the Lewes pound and the stand that it provides for a sustainable community. It also reminds us of playing monopoly when we were kids .... its good plain fun... Just dont buy a hotel with them... yet!