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Best eaten with friends, but hide some for yourself, they won’t last long!

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Our aim is to provide you with a surprisingly delicious and nutritious experience when you eat our pakoras and bhajias.  This includes buying locally grown vegetables with seasonal variation, using flour that we grind ourselves every two months, grinding our own spices as well so that the cooking aromas get you well before you see us, using new domestic quality sunflower oil (as oppose to infinitely re-used catering oil) and cooking on the day if not at the very moment you arrive. Our most recent change is to find lentils grown in Shropshire ... they are delicious! Better than Canada eh?


All our processes are visible. If you cant literally see them, we will, short of giving away our recipe,(er ... we have actually done that too!) tell you exactly how we prepare this product. We do what we say we do and enjoy doing it.


We have a mind to the future and our health - for ourselves, our communities and our planet. We get as close to the source of our materials/ingredients as we can (buying lentils grown in Shropshire is exciting!), we use biodegradable cleaning fluids, kitchen roll, packaging and napkins, we compost, recycle or re-use wherever possible, we minimize waste by preparing and cooking as customers arrive and the carbon footprint for the entire business to date is less than the average household!


We love what we do and we love the game we are playing - to provide nutritious and delicious snacks in the fast food context which EVERYONE can eat... without costing the earth.

'Mother Bhumi' (Bhumi = Earth) is the Hindu goddess of planet earth ... she gives us all our resources so lets honour her by taking care of how we do things.