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Wham Bam takes bookings for a wide range of events including local fairs, regional festivals and private parties.

With two wagons in tow we can now do a wider range of events and many more of them. So please don't be shy to call us with a booking enquiry.  

Public events

At pubic events we provide for an increasingly important niche market... the meat/wheat and dairy-free diets. Everyone can eat them.  As well as this we also use high quality ingredients which are not processed in any way before we purchase them. 

We choose to serve our food in biodegradable trays with biodegradable napkins ... and this makes top quality delicious product provided in an environmentally conscious way.  It is not your usual fast food.  Given all this we do not pay the often high pitch fees at many events as our costs are substantially higher than usual and we cannot afford high fees.  We also aim to make a stand against our catering culture where high pitch fees demand high prices on .... Food!  We choose to make great food accessible to everyone.

Private Parties

We love doing them, so please don't hesitate to contact us. We have a minimum booking fee and a good system to manage the output so that you get maximum fun and value out of having us at your party.  We provide a great change to the usual and you can add whatever you like around us.  Please email us to see what can be arranged. whambam@motherbhumi.co.uk

Area covered

We also have a policy to operate within a 40 mile radius of home (Tunbridge Wells and Lewes) and most of our booking occur within 25 miles of home.  Single day events have to be within the 25 mile radius otherwise its not viable.