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Best eaten with friends, but hide some for yourself, they won’t last long!

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Off to Oz!

Ed will take over the business mid-October

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BHAJIAS AND PAKORAS ...... par excellence!   No really, these are the best pakoras and we are famous for them..... there are many things that make them delicious...

  • We are grinding our own flour every week. GUARANTEED gluten-free
  • We use 100% organic, 85% local vegetables
  • We grind whole organic spices every month
  • We cook in a domestic quality sunflower oil (very much less toxic than catering oil), which then gets us home (bio-diesel)
  • We serve the pakoras and bhajias in biodegradable trays with biodegradable napkins
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning fluids and organic cotton kitchen roll
  • We work within a 60 mile radius of home and support locally sustainable farmers markets regularly - Lewes and Tunbridge Wells
  • We aim to get as close to the source of our ingredients as possible
  • We love what we do!

And we make these delicious snacks in front of you so that you can see what's going on, savour the delectable flavours and work out how to make them at home.   If you cant see us on the street just follow the delicious aromas and find where we are pitched out.... its those first class ingredients cooking away.

So you see, we are committed that you have it all.... All those flavours, the goodness, the love, the healthy bits wrapped up in the crispy bits, the fun, sustainability and the quality. We want to make your tummies smile.... And we do...... And that includes Granny and the kids.... EVERYONE CAN EAT THEM! So, if you have one leg or two, if you are a carnivore or a vegan, if you eat wheat or not, if you love vegetables or hate them.....its ok.... this food will